Wholesale Fuels

Looking to do business with a local well–known and established business? Then look no further for the most competitive pricing on full and partial wholesale loads of gasoline, biodiesel, off-road diesel, heating oil and kerosene for your fueling station, business or job site. We are centrally located and our geographic reach extends beyond Lebanon County. We routinely deliver gasoline and diesel loads in Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lehigh, Schuylkill and York Counties. Each day we determine the best way to get you the fuel you need, when you need it, at the best possible prices. Our fleet of tankers is always on the move and our flexible scheduling allows you to make short notice decisions about your gasoline or diesel deliveries based on current market conditions. In most instances, a last-minute delivery of a load of fuel the very same day is available.

As your wholesaler, it is our responsibility to keep a close eye on current market conditions. In turn, it gives you the peace of mind, knowing we are purchasing your fuels at the correct time and at the best possible price. If we see the market trending up, our size allows us to respond quickly and purchase before the price increases. On the other hand, we have the ability to delay purchases until the price decreases. At Blouch’s we always have your best interest in mind and saving you money at the source is just the beginning.

Delivery Options

1. Automatic Delivery - We all look for ways to add more time in our busy schedules and we’ll provide that convenience to you by monitoring your inventory levels 24hrs a day, making certain you never run out of fuel, and purchasing the gasoline or diesel fuels when it’s most beneficial to you.

2. Will Call - Give us a call when your inventory levels need replenished and we’ll quote you our best price over the phone and make a spot for you in our delivery scheduling the very same day if necessary.

We appreciate your interest in wholesale fuel deliveries and invite you to establish an account with us as soon as you are ready to start receiving not only competitive pricing, but a personalized understanding and care of your fuel inventory.

A wholesale application can be mailed or faxed to (717) 273-0114

Fleet Fueling

The ExxonMobil and Shell Fleet Cards are an excellent way to manage your fleet fueling program more efficiently. Additional details and online applications for these programs can be found at ExxonMobil Fleet Cards and Shell Fleet Cards